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Letters to My Children

I have started a new personal project this year with a group of other photog moms, where each month we will write and post a letter to our children.  I have wanted to do this for so long and I am so happy that I joined this group.  I am hoping that it will allow me to pause and reflect on photographing my own children and telling them how much they mean to me.  That is what inspired me to become a photographer after all!  Check out my photog friend Jobrina Hofleit’s  blog and continue on to the other links to read the full circle.


My Dearest Calli,

As I sit here writing this, it is only days before your tenth birthday!  Double digits!  I simply cannot believe it.  Why does time have to pass so quickly?  It is a pure joy and sadness wrapped all in one.  Ten years ago I was looking into the most perfect little blonde haired, blue eyed baby girls face.  You gave me trouble right from the beginning, from preterm labor at 21 weeks and during delivery when the doctor called you “our miracle baby” because the umbilical cord was wrapped around your neck.  There was a reason why the Lord brought you into our lives 4 weeks early!  I cannot even fathom what could have happened if you had been full term and had grown larger with the cord around your neck.  You were born and were planned to have been our last child.  We only wanted two at the time and were so very thankful for two healthy girls.  As tradition in your daddy’s family, the first born son is given his father’s name as his middle name.  Well we weren’t having a boy, but we decided to go with tradition, even though you were a girl and our second born.  You were named Calli Michael even before you were born.  Little did we know that you would come out as the spitting image of your daddy!  We hesitated and went back and forth about whether we should give you what is traditionally known as a boy’s name, however, we decided in the end that we didn’t care what people thought.  What amazes me is that you have always been so proud of it and you love it as much as we do!  

How could we expect anything less from you though?  You have been my saving grace so many days of your life!  I always joke that God had to give me one easy child!  Your smile and infectious outlook on life is what makes you loved by so many people around you.  You are the most upbeat person I have ever been around in my entire life.  You are silly and can’t sit still!  You have been like this your entire life, which is how you came by the name “Cartwheel Calli”.  By 3 years old, you were constantly jumping, leaping and cartwheeling your way with every step you made.  You are an amazing athlete and are great at everything you set your mind to!  

You  have the most infectious laugh and your beautiful smile can light up a room!  You have the most amazing heart and are truly aware of everyone else’s feelings around you.  You are sympathetic, empathetic and just truly a one of a kind person.  We need a lot more people like you in this world.  

You are daddy’s little buddy and you know that you have him wrapped around your pinky!  We have a special bond, you and me, and I am thankful everyday for the gift of being your mother.  

You make me so proud every single day!  To know you is to love you and I love you so very much!  You will always be my baby girl no matter how big you are!



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