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About Me

Hey!  I am so happy you found me!  I am a photographer located in the Phoenix area…. Litchfield Park to be exact.


I want your photo session to be all about you, but in case you are interested, here is a little about me….


I met the man of my dreams when I was only 19 years old!  We have 3 amazing kids and my family is my whole world!  I am always super busy and active.  I love working out and watching my kid’s sporting events is my all time favorite activity!  My addictions include Lululemon, Starbucks and Dutch Bros coffee,  and camera equipment and gear.


Things that describe me:

a free-spirit, introvert, tank top and jeans, little make-up, live in workout gear, pony-tails, friend, traveler, cuddler


I despise:

Traffic, mean people, and crumbs on my fingers


I still get giddy and excited heading into every session!  My heart melts when I capture those special moments or get an amazing shot, and I love it when my clients say, “Your photo brought me to tears”!  These are the emotions I feel when capturing moments behind my lens, so it is amazing when others share the same feelings when viewing their photos for the first time.

I am just a gal with a passion, who is constantly learning, learning, learning…and who has an amazing love and respect for moments captured.  I hope to capture your special moments as well  :)!  It means the world to me!

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