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I have started a new personal project this year with a group of other photog moms, where each month we will write and post a letter to our children.  I have wanted to do this for so long and I am so happy that I joined this group.  I am hoping that it will allow me to pause and reflect on photographing my own children and telling them how much they mean to me.  That is what inspired me to become a photographer after all!  Check out Laura Meeks blog and continue on to the other links to read the full circle!


My Dearest Rylee,

We named you Rylee Soleil.  “Soleil” which is french for sun.  You brought the sunshine to our lives and have continued to do so every single day.  I am watching you change so quickly right before my eyes.  As I laid in bed with you the other night, it brought tears to my eyes that this tall young lady laying next to me, not so long ago used to sleep so comfortably on my chest.  That sweet, stubborn, curly haired little girl is turning into a young lady very quickly.  You are so much like me that I think I find it more difficult to parent you than your brother and sister sometimes.  I have watched you go through some heart ache and difficult times the past couple years.   Your difficult times become my difficult times.  Your tears become my tears.  I wish I could keep everything bad from happening to you, but I know that it will only make you a stronger person in the long run.  I also know that these difficulties are miniscule to what you will face in the future.  Every day I pray that I am doing the right things as a parent to lead you down a good path.  

I wish you could see what I see when I look at you.  You have an amazingly beautiful heart of gold.  You are beautiful with that gorgeous hair, and you have my blue eyes with the green in the center from your dad.  And those freckles that I love so much!  You are competitive and determined beyond belief and I truly believe that those traits will take you where ever you want to go in life.  You are sensitive and so very smart.  You are way too hard on your self and I know that you get that from me also.  I love that you are silly and funny.  You are artistic and musical and I could listen to you play piano all day long.     

I wish that I could  slow down your life a little.  I want you to take the time and just be a kid for a little while longer.  Please know that you are important and a very special person that God made unique.  If we were all the same, then this would be a very boring life!  Don’t let anybody else bring you down.  Smile often.  Have fun.   Just continue to be your sweet self and SHINE ON Miss Rylee Soleil!  I love you so much my little minnie me!

I am using the photos that I took of you in Wisconsin over Thanksgiving for this first post.  I loved them and I never took the time to edit them all.  I promise to take the time to photograph you more often, even if it means that I am photographing you at volleyball, piano or where ever else your busy schedule takes you!  

Silly you….

  • Trisha - These photographs are beautiful and your words made me tear up. Rylee is such a great kid and she’s blessed to have a mom like you who celebrates her unique qualities!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Fechtner - I love how confident and strong your daughter looks in these photos! The wind in her hair in the first photo adds a softness. Just stunning! I hope she loves your letter, it was very touching!ReplyCancel

  • Jobrina Hofleit - what a beautiful letter kim! so happy you joined our group, i just know all your kids are gonna love these letters to them from their loving mama!!!ReplyCancel

I am so excited about this session!  It was such a nice break to the hurry and scurry of holiday photo time!  Christa had her makeup done by Danielle Biancamano at Salon Glow in Litchfield Park, AZ .  Danielle did an amazing job, and professional makeup application makes a world of difference.  Christa was so comfortable in front of the camera!  It is so much fun when I get someone just ready to work it!  She was up for anything as I drug her all across town!  Congrats to Christa as she is done with high school in December!

  • Audrey - These are beautiful! She’s such a pretty girl. What a great variety!ReplyCancel

  • Life with Kaishon - Christa is a beautiful girl. What a lovely smile. That hair is amazing. Her dress is so fantastically pretty also. Really lovely senior session! I hope she has a fun year!ReplyCancel

  • Toni - She is gorgeous! LOVE her hair, too. :)ReplyCancel

  • Nina - I love that field with white flowers, or is it cotton? Gorgeous light!ReplyCancel

  • admin - Thank you ladies! Christa is gorgeous and does have some amazing hair! Yes that is a cotton field :).ReplyCancel

I admit it…I am horrible at keeping up on blogging!  I was overwhelmed and unbelievably slammed this spring season!  I have the most amazing clients who have kept me very busy lately!  So, with a minute or two of down time  I am sharing some of my favorite senior photos that I have not blogged about before!






Kayce (College Senior):

Josh:  (Never Too Late For Senior Photos)..not quite a senior anymore…

Lexi : Soccer/Dog Session


Meet the beautiful Paige L.!  Yes it was the month for the “Paige’s”!  I love working with such easy going people and Paige was just that!  We had some fun hanging out around some stinky yellow “flowers”, and photographing under some very large scary looking birds!  I even braved the “rapids” with my camera in hand!  I had her jumping from location to location! Never a dull moment around here!

She also rocked the poses and that strapless dress!   It was such a pleasure to meet you and your mom Paige!  Enjoy the rest of your senior year!